The Retreat Room

by Molly Janes

Nail Treatments

All nail treatments are performed using Mavala products and I have a large range of varnishes available for you to choose from.

Treatment Cost Duration
Re-shape and Varnish £15
Basic (no varnish) Manicure £20 30 Mins
Basic (no varnish) Pedicure £22 45 Mins
Luxury Manicure £30 60 Mins
Deluxe Pedicure £30 60 Mins

Wax Treatments

My advanced waxing techniques make treatment safe and effective for hair removal. For the best results regular exfoliation and moisturizing of the area to be waxed is highly recommended.

Warm wax uses a layer of wax and a strip for the removal process whereas hot wax* is applied directly to the area and, once hardened, the wax is pulled off by hand.

* Hot wax is recommended for sensitive areas and for areas with thick hair.

Treatment Cost Duration
Eyebrow Shape £10 15 Mins
Upper lip £8 15 Mins
Chin Wax £8 15 Mins
Underarm (warm) £10 15 Mins
Underarm (hot) £15 15 Mins
Hollywood (All off bikini) £30 30 Mins
Brazilian (Landing Strip) £20 30 Mins
Thong (warm) £15 30 Mins
Thong (hot) £18 30 Mins
Bikini (warm) £15 15 Mins
Bikini (hot) £15 15 Mins
Full leg £25 60 Mins
Half leg £12 30 Mins
Mens back or chest £25 30 Mins

Massage Treatments

Treatment Description Cost Duration
Deep Tissue Massage

Suitable for men and women of all ages, a treatment to help sooth tense muscles and treat problem areas in depth with specialized techniques.

£60 60 Mins
Deep Tissue Back Massage

An effective treatment focusing on problem areas on the back. A brilliant “pick me up” improving posture and mobility.

£30 30 Mins
Swedish Massage

Relax and unwind with a full body massage tailored to suit your individual needs.

£50 60 Mins
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Ease away aches and pains with a blissful massage focusing on main areas of tension in the back and neck. Highly recommended for new parents, students and those with desk jobs.

£25 30 Mins

A traditional holistic treatment working to stimulate pressure points on the feet improving general wellbeing and helping to achieve deep relaxation.

£35 60 Mins
Indian Head Massage

A stimulating treatment working on the shoulders, neck, scalp and face to un-lock tension, improve circulation of energy and promote strong, healthy hair.

£25 30 Mins


Monthly facials are recommended for men and women of all ages to help maintain a glowing complexion.
More regular treatments are recommended for those with specific concerns.

A discount is available when booking a course of facials. Contact me to find out more.

Treatment Description Cost Duration

A skin care consultation with skin analysis, cleanse, tone and moisturise.

£22 30 Mins

Renew your skin - cleanse, exfoliate, masque, moisturise.

£35 45 Mins

Indulge with a complete facial treatment including a firming and toning facial massage.

£45 60 Mins

Eye Treatments


Tinting lasts for up to 6 weeks. It is brilliant for those with fair hair or thiner eyebrows as well as for a pre-holiday treat.

To ensure your safety and wellbeing, please note that a patch test is required at least 24 hours before any tinting treatment. This is to check for sensitivity to the products used. So keep this inmind when considering your treatment timings.

Treatment Cost Duration
Lash Tint £15 30 Mins
Brow tint £12 30 Mins

Amazing Lashes

Amazing Lashes enhance your eyes with fuller, thicker and longer lashes which stay in place even when swimming making them perfect for holidays.

In-fils are recommended every two weeks to replace lashes which fall out as the natural lash growth cycle continues.

Treatment Cost Duration
Full Set £55 Up to 120 Mins
Infils £20 30 Mins


I use Proto-col self tanning lotion for all tanning treatment. It is low odour and lasts between five to seven days.

Treatment Cost Duration
Full Body Tan £25 45 Mins